Leaving a Legacy

Lindley Retires as President ABBA
By Ashley Charanza

 Printed with permission of THE AMERICAN BRAHMAN REVIEW™

 The American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) president represents the organization with passion for the breed and its members. The American Brahman Review™ takes a look at a president who exhibits those qualities to serve the ABBA  - Billy Dan Lindley.


A Look Back at Billy Dan Lindley’s ABBA Presidency....


     Lindley, an active Brahman breeder for more than 40 years, served as ABBA president from 2009-2011. The basic duties of the ABBA president are to oversee the various committees and its chairs.  There are more than 100 people involved with committees, such as Youth Activities, Marketing, Finance, Breed Improvement, Show, and Membership.
     The president offers guidance to make sure procedures flow smoothly through the committees. He also directs the work of the ABBA Executive Committee.

Billy Dan and Chris Shivers go overa few last minute
details prior to the 2010 ABBA Annual Membership Meeting.

     The president represents the ABBA by traveling to cattle shows, field days, meetings and ranches, which gives him an opportunity to talk with members. Suzanne, Lindley’s wife, kept a journal of their activities with the ABBA and calculated that they have averaged 5,000 miles per year while traveling to events the past 2 years.  During his time as president, Lindley has worked on improving ABBA committees, which are an important asset to the organization. The experience of committee members and chairs offers ABBA a great resource for ideas.  “We have a lot of professional help with no charge,” Lindley says. The strong relationship among committee members and chairmen, and their strength as promoters of the breed, was an important accomplishment for Lindley as president.  “We worked hard on organization and getting people to work together,” he reports.

Billy Dan visits with longtime friend
Jim Williams at a Brahman field day

Billy Dan and Chris Shivers, pictured here
with Louisiana friends at one of the many
events Lindley attended as ABBA president.

         Billy Dan and Suzanne cherish the new friends made and the many people they came to know in Texas and in other states. They enjoy the people of the breed as much as the cattle. “You can get someone to help you fix a flat tire in every town,” says Lindley.


    Lindley has always been fascinated by the Brahman breed, and in 1967, he bought his first Brahman female. With advice from Brahman breeders and the ABBA staff, Lindley Brahmans of Sulphur Springs, Texas, got a start in the industry. Like many cattle operations, the entire family was involved. Lindley’s daughters, Sara and Susan, were active in the junior associations.

Raising Brahman cattle is a family endeavor for the Lindley's. Billy Dan pictured here with his daughters 
and grandchildren, all active in the ABBA.
(Suzanne was the photographer.)

The Lindley’s always welcome visitors to their Sulphur Springs
 ranch, where they enjoy telling others about their 44 years
in the Brahman business.

     Lindley attributes his success as president and as a Brahman breeder to Suzanne, who has been a constant influence throughout the years. Suzanne helps behind the scenes, answering emails, doing paperwork, and updating the Lindley Brahmans website.  “I’m fortunate that she’s willing to tell me everything I do wrong,” says Lindley. “We’ve been in it together.”

Billy Dan, along with fellow ABBA members, welcomes
Senator Souto to the Houston activities

The Lindley's congratulate longtime friend Pat Dillard
for winning the Good Housekeeping Award at Houston.


      Because of the great Brahman breeders
and the increasing popularity of the breed, Lindley believes the industry is on the edge of big growth. Registration numbers and transfers have increased in previous years and there is a strong demand for F1 females.  The Lindley’s always welcome visitors to their Sulphur Springs ranch, where they enjoy telling others about their 44 years in the Brahman business. 

Lindley thanks two special ladies: Armelinda Ibarra
 and his wife, Suzanne, for assisting him with many
projects during his presidency.

Bubba Sartwelle, chairman of the ABBA Marketing Committee,
presents Billy Dan with the first official ABBA F1 program
member decal at the 2010 ABBA F-1 Field Day.

     Additionally, ideas formed in the long range plan were implemented during Lindley’s presidency. Lindley says he avoided a few headaches with the help and advice from past ABBA presidents. Their suggestions and ideas were valued because of their experiences as presidents.  “Past presidents are one of the biggest assets we have and sometimes it is overlooked,” confesses Lindley.  Lindley realized how supportive people of the breed were while he served on numerous committees and volunteered to chair several projects including membership drives, youth development, and serving as editor of the ABBA membership newsletter, which Suzanne was also a part of. Chris Shivers, Armelinda Ibarra and Theresa Dominguez in the ABBA office were always a big help for him.  “If you surround yourself with good people, you get a lot of good things done,” he advises.


       Throughout his tenure as president of the ABBA, many members have applauded Lindley’s contributions to the betterment of the Brahman breed. They believe that he was a great president who made positive things happen for the organization.

 Our association is better because of Billy Dan Lindley.-Coleman Locke, 2011

     Coleman Locke, partner of J.D. Hudgins Inc. and owner of Locke Red Brahmans in Hungerford, Texas, says Lindley is a great communicator for the breed who unselfishly gave his time to the ABBA. Locke, who also served as a past ABBA president, says Lindley made sure the board of directors was informed of matters that concerned members.



Billy Dan pictured with a Brazilian Brahman friend, along with Carl McKenney. Carl and his wife, Nancy,
were often traveling buddies with the Lindley's during both of these men’s terms as ABBA president.

Billy Dan has been an excellent communicator for all concerned.- Carl McKenney, 2011

       Carl McKenney, a longtime Brahman breeder and a past president of the ABBA, described Lindley as an organized president that pushed the committee members in the right direction and urged them to achieve their goals.  “He has been an excellent communicator for all concerned,” McKenney says.

       The ABBA president is an ambassador for the American Brahman breed, and Billy Dan Lindley is a perfect example of that role.  Future presidents of the association can follow Lindley’s example to be sure they will serve with the utmost professionalism, passion and devotion to the breed. The American Brahman Review™ salutes president Lindley and his wife, Suzanne, for their dedication and support of ABBA programs and Brahman cattle. © TABR

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