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    Brahman sales continue to top markets.

Mike Crowell reported his grandson's  Levi Crowell's heifer BDL Ms Woodman Manso 843, a Lindley Bred Cow
(JDH Danbury Manso / BDL Ms Peer D Manso 694) and her bull calf  (a Martin Son) sold as the high selling pair
in the 27th Annual National F-1 and Brahman Female Sale in Caldwell for $4300.  Good Job, Levi!

The average on pairs was $3600.  BDL 843 is a 4 year old and has produced 2 calves.
  Mike is the Agriculture teacher at Cumby high school in Hopkins County.  Thanks for the report.

We currently have yearling replacement females available.
Contact us  e-mail  office@lindleybrahmans.com   or phone 903-945-5263

This young cow with her calf is an excellent example of the Brahmans being raised at the ranch.

Lindley Brahmans THANKS  Ms Pat Dillard and Ms Shannon Brown  for their excellent care
and showing of our cattle. Also thank you Mike Phillips for rounding out this crew.

Our current herd sires include  
    +JDH Martin Manso 879/3          JDH Mr Danbury Manso 305/7       BDL
BDL Dakota Rem Manso 746

We are carefully matching these bulls with our JT White X US Sugarland cows to obtain the growth, muscle and style that is popular today.

The type of heifers, bred cows, and cow/calf pairs one finds at Lindley Brahmans. 
Make plans to visit and take a look at our breeding program.


This is a  LINDLEY bred cow and her baby. Just wanted to share this nice picture with you.


Dinner time always provides a good photo opportunity. The Mamas
will usually stay still for a few minutes and let me get just a little closer..


This pasture is full of young cows all carrying the BL hip brand. Every cow has been bred and raised by LINDLEY BRAHMANS and would make a fine addition to anyone's herd.

These three pairs are typical of the kind of cows we produce at LINDLEY BRAHMANS.



Meet three of the mamas and babies 
from the past at LINDLEY BRAHMANS.


Give us a call to find out what is available when you need to add quality heifers or cows  to your herd OR start you own registered Brahman herd. 

                     LINDLEY BRAHMANS 903/945-5263

THANK YOU for having confidence in LINDLEY BRAHMANS



Thank you Jim and Wanda  Allison for your purchase of Lindley Brahman Cows, Pairs, Heifers and young Bull to re-start your Brahman herd.





Manuel Villegas was very happy with his selection of a mature cow with a calf and a yearling heifer.  With his bull purchased last fall he has the beginnings of a good Brahman herd. 



Thank you Freddie McGee for your purchase of LINDLEY BRAHMANS Bred Cows to start you in the registered Brahmans business.
Good luck with this great breed. These fine animals should start you on tract for success


Thank you to all our buyers for choosing

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