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John McNeil

Dr. John McNeil

Texas Brahman Association Beef Booster of the Year
We are sad to note the passing of Dr. McNeil, October 24, 2004

John W. McNeill, PHD. Head of the Animal Science Department at Texas A & M University was named as the Texas Brahman Association’s Beef Booster of the Year. Since 1962, during the Texas Brahman Association’s Annual Meeting, a deserving person or entity is recognized for outstanding contributions to the beef industry. TBA President J. Boone Koonce of Hungerford said “John McNeill is a most deserving recipient of this year’s award for his far sighted leadership of the Animal Science Department and all of the programs, in particular, the Ranch to Rail Program, that is has worked on since joining the Extension Service in 1976.”

J. D. Sartwelle, Jr., Brahman breeder from Sealy, Texas who made the actual presentation during the Texas A & M Beef Cattle Short Course on August 3, 2004 said “the beef booster committee was discussing the “real advent” of our “industry focus on quality and the desire to measure it”; our committee thought that one of the real “genesis” projects was/is one the very best, age old, Extension “practical demonstrations” that has come along in recent years; that being the Ranch to Rail Program. The Ranch to Rail Program was fathered by John McNeill.

Sartwelle said, “the leadership and dedication to the industry provided by John McNeill is surpassed by none and equaled by few; he is a most deserving recipient of this award”. The Texas Brahman Association initiated its “Beef Booster of the Year” award in 1962 and counts a distinguished list of industry leaders, doers, and thinkers among its recipients.

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